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Albums Part 3
Welcome to The Pet Shop Boys Albums Arcive ! if you fine that i have miseed any Please do let me know so that i can add them onto here !
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1 The most incredible thing

Disk 1
1. Prologue 2. The grind 3. The challenge 4. Help me 5. Risk 6. Physical jerks 7. The competition 8. The meeting 9. The clock 10. The clock 11. The clock 12. The clock 13. The winner 14. Destruction
Disk 2
1. Back to the grind 2. The miracle - Ceremony 3. The miracle - Revolution 4. The miracle - Resurrection 5. The miracle - Colour and light 6. The miracle - The meeting (reprise) 7. The wedding


The Ultimate Pet shop boys
1.West End Girls (10" Mix) 2.Love Comes Quickly
3.Paninaro (7" Mix) 4.It's a Sin (Disco Mix)
5.What Have I Done to Deserve This?
6.Always on My Mind (Extended Dance Version)
7.Domino Dancing 8.It's Alright (7" Version)
9.Being Boring 10.Go West 11.Before (Single Edit)
12.New York City Boy 13.Home and Dry (Radio Edit)
14.Minimal (Radio Edit) 15.Love etc. 16.King of Rome


Format: B-Sides & Bonus Tracks 1996-2009
Disc 1
The Truck-Driver And His Mate, Hit And Miss, In The Night 1995, Betrayed, How I Learned To Hate Rock-And-Roll, Discoteca (New Version), The Calm Before The Storm, Confidential (Demo For Tina Turner) [2012 - Remaster], The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On, Delusions Of Grandeur
The View From Your Balcony, Disco Potential, Silver Age, Screaming, The Ghost Of Myself, Casting A Shadow, Lies, Sexy Northerner
Disc 2
Always, Nightlife, Searching For The Face Of Jesus, Between Two Islands, Friendly Fire, We're The Pet Shop Boys, Transparent, I Didn't Get Where I Am Today, The Resurrectionist, Girls Don't Cry
In Private (7-Inch Mix), Blue On Blue, No Time For Tears (7-Inch Mix), Bright Young Things, Party Song, We're All Criminals Now, Gin And Jag, After The Event, The Former Enfant Terrible, Up And Down


Elysium CD
1. Leaving 2. Invisible 3. Winner 4. Your Early Stuff 5. A Face Like That
6. Breathing space 7. Ego Music 8. Hold On 9. Give It a Go 10. Memory of the Future 11. Everything Means Something 12. Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin

Electric CD
1. Axis 2. Bolshy 3. Love is a Bourgeois Construct 4. Fluorescent
5. Inside a Dream 6. The Last to Die 7. Shouting in the Evening 8. Thursday [feat. Example]
9. Vocal



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