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Bootlegs Part 2
Welcome to The Pet Shop Boys Bootlegs Arcive ! if you fine that i have miseed any Please do let me know so that i can add them onto here !
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CD 1 West end girls Deiscoteca Being Boring Closer to heaven Can you forgive her Only the wing What I done to deserve this New York city boy Left to my own devices Young offender You only tell me you love was it worth it Se a vida 'e
CD 2 Se a vida 'e I don't know what you want but Always on my mind Shameless Opportunities It's a sin It's Alright Footsteps Go west
Glastonbury Live Recording 2002
I dont know what you want, Suburbia, Can you forgive her,left to my own devices, Se ‘a’ vidae, Rent, You Only tell me you love me when your Drunk, Paninaro, New york city boy, Positive role model, What have I done to deserve this, Always on my mind, Its a sin
West end girls, Go west
Please not that the Recording was done at the Show, so song might be a little Quite.
Music Planet 2Night - Live 2002
Being Boring, I Get along, A red letter day, home and dry, You only tell me you love me when youre drunk, Love comes quickly, London
Was it worth it, Birthday boy, West end girls, Love is acatastrophe, Go west, New york city boy,Philadelphia
Please not that the Recording was done at the Show, so song might be a little Quite.
Pet Shop Boys Live in Moscow
Track listing 1. Somewhere Introduction - Its a sin/I will survive, 2, I would'nt Normanly, 3, Se A Vida E,, 4, Domino Dancing, 5, Hello Space boy, 6, Left to My Own Devices, 7, Rent 8 Where the streets 9 Can you forgive her, 10 Oppertunities
11 Always on my mind, 12 West end girls, 13 Somewhere, 14 Bening boring, 15 Go west,
Please not that the Recording was done at the Show, so song might be a little Quite.
Discovery (Live in Rio)
CD1 Tonight is Forever, I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, Always On My Mind, Domino Dancing, To Speak Is A Sin, One In A Million/Mr Vain, Paninaro, Rent, Suburbia, So Hard,
CD2Left To My Own Devices/Rhythm Of The Night, Absolutely Fabulous, Liberation, West End Girls, Can You Forgive Her?, Girls And Boys, It's A Sin/I Will Survive, Go West, Go West (Reprise), Being Boring.
Please not that the Recording was done at the Show, so song might be a little Quite.

Closer to Heave "Demos"
tall thin man, something specail, A little black dress, Nine out ten, call me old fashioned, Its just my little tribute to caligula darlings, friendly fire, in denial , the only one, out of my system, for all of us, Positive role model,
Extra bonuses Closer to heaven Magamix, Closer to heaven remixed

Highlights 1989 Live Tour
one more chance,opportunities, left to my own devices,rent,heart,paninaro,love comes quickly,later tonight,it’s a sin
shopping,domino dancing,kings cross,always on my mind,west end girls,it’s alright
Please not that the Recording was done at the Show, so song might be a little Quite.
Title - Pet Shop Boys Absolutely 12" Mixes Vol, 1
Track List - Always On My Mind (Live) 5.29, It’s A Sin (Live) 5.22, Losing My Mind (12" Extended mix Liza) 6.39, Always On My Mind/In My House 8.08, Megamix 8.01, Don’t Drop Bombs (12" Mix) 5.19, Ultimate Mix 5.18, It’s A Sin (Miami Mix) 9.15, Shoppibone Mix 11.01, Love Pains (Steve Silk Hurley Remix) 5.12
Title - Pet Shop Boys Absolutely 12" Mixes Vol, 2
Track List - Always on my mind (Remix) 5.42, Arrested by you (12" Remix Dusty) 5.03, Can You forgive Her? (Mk Mix Dub) 5.40, It’s A Sin (Techno Remix) 6.33, Domino Dancing (Alternative Mix) 4.30, Heart (Remix) 8.38, Born This way (12" Remix Dusty) 6.54, Love comes Quickly (Disco mix) 5.54, Music For Boys (Part 2) 6.01, One More Chance (Disco Mix) 5.23, Domino Dancing (Disco Mix) 7.41, Suburbia (7" Edit) 3.19
Title - Actual mixes
Track List - One More Chance "extended bootleg mix", What Have I Done To Deserve This?"shep pettibone remix", Shopping "extended mix", Rent "extended mix", Hit Music,"extended mix" It Couldn't Happen Here,"long edit" It's A Sin,"remix" I Want To Wake Up,"1993 remix" Heart,"dance mix" King's Cross "extended mix"
Title - Behaviour-made
Track list being boring "extended version" This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave,"long extended mix" To Face The Truth,"extended mix" How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? "extended mix", Only the Wind "edite", My October Symphony,"live edit" So Hard,"extended dance mix" Nervously,"edit" The End Of The World,"edit" Jealousy "extended version"
Title - Mixe's Please
Track list Two divided by zero "extended version" west end girls "10 "mix" opportunities "shep pettibone mastermix" love comes quickly "dance mix" suburbia "arther baker club mix" tonight is forever "re-edit" violence "hacienda version" i want a lover "Edit" later tonight "live edit" why dont we live together " extended version"
Title - Pet Shop Boys The Collection
Original Album Track List - Always On My Mind, Heart, Mega-Mix 1988, Suburbia, What Have I Done To Deserve This?, It's A Sin, West End Girls
Bonus Tracks on CD - Pet Shoppibone Mega-Mix, Sunglasses Mix, Devices Remix/Megamix, The Ultimate Mix (Sunglasses+West End Girls+One More Chance), Theme For PSB.
Title - Pet Shop Boys Dubsolutely Mixes Vol, 1
Track List - Always on my mind (Dub), Don't Drop Bombs (Dub), Before Bonus (Dub), Can You Forgive her?, Roll (Dub), Heart Dub Mix, I wouldn't Normaly This Kind Of Thing Wild (Dub), A red letter day (Motv8 Cyberdub mix), So hard (Dub), To step Aside (Ralphis Old school Dub), Was it worth it (Dub), Love Pains (Dub), Rent (Dub), Pan 95 (Dub).
Title - Pet Shop Boys Dubsolutely Mixes Vol, 2
Track List - A Red letter Day (Trouser Enthusiasts Congo dongo Dubstrumental), Can You Forgive her? (Mk Dub), I wouldn't Normaly Do this kind of thing (grand Ballroom Dub), Absolutely Absolutely Dubulous, Liberaction (Oscar G's Dopeaaadub Mix), Se a Vida e (Deep Dish Dub), Somewhere (Forthright Dub), West end Girls (Sasha Dub), The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes on (The far away Dub), Yesterday when I was mad (Junior Vaquez factory dub).
Title - 20th Century Blues - Radio 2 In Concert
Recording Date - 4th April 1998
Track List - Introduction By Neil Tennent, Elton John (20th Century blues), Suede (Poor Little Rich Girl), Marry Ann Faithfull (Mad about the Boy), Shola ama (Someday I'll find you), Pet shop boys (Sale Away), Pet shop boys (If love where all), Sting (I'll follow my secert heart), Robbie Williams (There are Bad times just around the Corner), Neil says good-night, 20th Centery Blues (the songs of Noel Coward).
Title - Hits From the Pet Shop Boys Absolutely Vol: 1
Always on my mind (12" Dance mix), Left to my own devices (7" single), It's alright (7" Single),
Kings Cross (Album Version), Boys and Girls (Live in Rio), Can you forgive her? (swing version),
Yesterday When I was Mad (Raf Zone mix), Losing my mind (single version), It Couldn't Happen Here (Album version), Young Offender (Jam & Spoon Mix), Some speculation (CD 2 Version), Decadence (Single version).
Liberation (single version), Was it worth it (single version), Jealousy (Extended version), Goodbye to Simon Bates,
It's A Sin (Disco mix),I Wouldn't Normally... (Extended nude mix), One in a million/Mr Vain (Live in Rio),
Calm before the storm (Bonus track),Betrayed (Bonus track),Nothing has been proved (Dusty),Left to my own Devices/Rythem of the night (live), Rent (Liza), It Doesn't Often Snow At Xmas, Delusions Of Grander,
Shameless (single version), Your funny uncle (B side single).
Title - Hits From the Pet Shop Boys Absolutely Vol: 2
Postscript, Song for guy/I belive (Elton and PSB live), Se a vide a (Single version), So sorry I said (Liza), Somewhere (12" Extended mix), Red letter day (single version), Truck driver and his mate (Single version),
Rent (Dub), Pan 95 (Extended mix), Go West (Single version), Was it worth it (Dub version), Single bilingual(Single version), Must be obvious, It's a sin/I will Survive (Live).
A Red Letter Day (Trouser Autoerotic Decapitation Mix), Positive Role Model, It's Just My Little Tribute To Caligula, Darling, Sail Away, Call Me Old Fashioned, I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk, Email, Silver Age, Tall Thin Men, London (Thee Radikal Dub),
Miracles (Extended Mix), Transparent

Hits From the Pet Shop Boys "Bonus".
Got To Start Somewhere, New York City Boy (The Almighty Radio Edit), A Little Black Dress, Radiophonic (T.Rexx Remix), Break For Love (UK Radio Edit), Alcazar - Love life, Atomizer - Hooked on radiation (Single), Bright young things (12inch Xaylor Remix), I get along (Rememphed), Kiki Kokova - Love to love you baby (Superchumbo Mix)
Yoko Ono - Walking on thin ice (FKEK Vocal Mix), Yoko Ono - Walking on thin ice (Pet Shop Boys Radio Mix)
Yoko Ono - Walking on thin ice (Rui Da Silva's Kismet Mix)



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