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Lyrics - Single, bilingual

They call this a community
I like to think of it as home
Arriving at the airport
I am going it alone

Ordering a boarding pass
Travelling in business class
This is the name of the game
I'm single, bilingual
Single, bilingual

I come to the community
From U.K. p.l.c.
Arriving at my hotel
there are faxes greeting me
Staying in a junior suite
So there's room to meet and greet
and after work explain how I feel
'Perdoneme me llamo Neil'
I'm single, bilingual
Single, bilingual

In Brussels, Bonn or Barcelona
I'm in demand and quite at home there
'Adelante!' Through the door
'Un momento, por favor'
This is what I get paid for
'Muchas gracias, senor'

I'm a player in the continental game
With unlimited expenses to reclaim
Information's easy
Tapping at my PC
That is the frame of the game
I'm single, bilingual
Single, bilingual
I'm single, bilingual
Single, bilingual

'Hay una discoteca por acqui?

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