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Lyrics - So sorry, I said

If this is a ghetto
I'm in it with you
If it's just a prison
I'm locked in it too

I tried to leave you
but after all that you had said
I went to pieces
when I should have shouted and screamed
So sorry, I said

Your powers of persuasion
those quizzical eyes
have tired and tied me
with innocent guile
I meant to walk out
after all the tears we'd shed
I should have stalked out
gone and painted the town bright red
but instead
So sorry, I said

How tough it gets
Don't talk to me about it
To pay off your debts
I worked on overtime
and you say you've never believed in luck

If you need a reason
consider me mad
An old retainer
loyal and sad
I bought my freedom
after all that we have shared
I couldn't leave you
Think of the skins I'd have to shed
So sorry, I said
So sorry, I said
So sorry, I said

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