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Lyrics - The Way It used to be


The way it used to be

I’m here/You’re there Come closer Tonight I’m lonely/Come here/with me I wont it/the woy it used to be

What is left of love?/Tell me Who would even core? So much time hos passed/I’d still meet you onywhere Woter under bridge evening ofter doy Whot is left of love here/thot didn’t drift owoy?

Icon remember doys of sun We knew our lives had just begun We could do anything/We’re fearless when we’re young/Underthe moon, address unknown Icon remember nights in Rome I thought that love would last A promise set in stone

I’d survive with only memories/ if I could change the way I feel/But I want more than only memories/a human touch to make them real

Another day, another dream overthe bridge an empty scene/We’d spend the weekend lost in bed and float upstream/I don’t know why we moved away/Lost in the here and now we strayed/into a New York zone Our promise was betrayed

was there caught on Tenth Avenue/You elsewhere with Culver City blues/ Then and there I knew that I’d lostyou

Whatisleftof love? TelIme Who would even care? So much time has passed/I’d still meetyou anywhere Water under bridge/evening after day/What is left of love here/that didn’t drift away?

Don’tgive me all your northern pain/Don’t sell me New York in the rain/Let’s leave our promises behind/rewind and try again

What remains in time that didn’tfade away? Sometimes I need to see/the way it used to be


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