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Lyrics - Legacy


That’s it The end but you’ll get over it my friend

Time will pass governments fall Glaciers melt Hurricanes bawl High-speed trains take us away/north or south/and back the same day

And you You’ll get over it You do You get over it

Seasons will change more or less Species vanish Art perplex Resentment remain/both east and west/Police expect/an arrest For now

you’ll get over it Somehow you’ll get over it

You’ll be there the King over the water in despair/recoiling from the slaughter

They’re raising an army in the North from York Minster to the Firth of Forth A pilgrimage of grace you won’t believeit Sucha human face/when you receive it and you will get over it/with time to kill You’ll get over it

There’s a cruiser waiting at Scapa Flow to take you away from all you know/The old man agonised He really has compromised IT Public opinion may not bean your side There are those who think they’ve been taken for a ride/You’ll get over it I’m on your side because you’ll get over it and what a ride it was!

Tousles artistes dons le monde chontent paurtai/ce sair Tousles artistes dons le monde chantent pour tai C’est noirIT It’s dork/butyou’ll get over it On your mark/you’ll getover it

That Carphone Warehouse boy has been on the phone He wantsto upgrade themobileyouown Hove you realised your computer’s a spy? Give him a ring/He’ll explain why... Thebourgeoisie willgetoverit Look atme l’mSOoveritl Andyou you’ll getoverit Youdo Yougetoverit in time



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