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Date Release ;- 1st April 2002
Home Dry I Get Along Birthday Boy London E-Mail The Samurai In Autumn Love Is A Catastrophe Here The Night I Fell In Love You Choose

CD ALBUM Disoc 3
Date Reliced ;- 3rd Feb 2003
Time on my hands, Postive role model, Try it (I'm in love with a married man), London (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit)
Somebody else's business, Here (PSB new extended mix), If looks could kill, Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo mix)
Home and dry (Blank and Jones mix), London (Genuine Piano mix)

1. Go West 2. Suburbia (video edit) 3. Se a vida e 4. What have I done to deserve this? 5. Always on my mind 6. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing 7. Home and dry 8. Heart 9. Miracles 10. Love comes quickly 11. It's a sin
12. Domino dancing 13. Before 14. New York City boy (U.S. radio edit) 15. It's alright 16. Where the streets have no name (I can't take my eyes off you) 17. A red letter day
1. Left to my own devices 2. I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more 3. Flamboyant 4. Being boring
5. Can you forgive her? 6. West End girls 7. I get along (radio edit) 8. So hard 9. Rent 10. Jealousy 11. DJ culture 12. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk 13. Liberation 14. Paninaro '95 15. Opportunities (Let's make lots of money) 16. Yesterday, when I was mad 17. Single-Bilingual 18. Somewhere

Back To Mine
CD1  Chris: “Songs about love, friendship, sex, religion, hope and despair.”
1. Savage: Don’t Cry Tonight 2. Mr Flagio: Take A Chance
3. Klein and MBO: Dirty Talk 4. The Flirts: Passion 5. Matia Bazaar: Ti Sento 6. Justice vs. Simian: Never Be Alone 7. Queen: The Show Must Go On 8. Celestial Choir: Stand On The Word 9. Carl Bean: I Was Born This Way 10. Dusty Springfield: I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love
CD2  Neil: “A sequence of music for late-night listening.”
1. Fairmont: Traum 2. Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz: Pulse, Pause, Repeat 3. Biosphere: Microgravity
4. Vladmir Martynov: Come in! 2 5. Vladmimir Cosma: Promenade Sentimentale (From Diva) 6. Etienne Daho: La Baie
7. Vessel: Tiny 8. Craig Armstrong: Laura’s Theme 9. Dettinger: One, Two, Three, No Gravity 10. Dusty Springfield: Goin’ Back
11. Hans Joachim Roedelius: Lunz 12. Edward Elgar: Sospiri
13. jz-arkh: DDRhodes 14. Video Kid: Video Kid
15. Lobe: Movement 16. John Surman: At Dusk 17. Greig: Melodie `Melody' (op 47/3)

Battleship Potemkin
Comrades, Men And Maggots . Our Daily Bread . Drama In The Harbour . Nyet To The Shore . Odessa . No Time For Tears To The Battleship . After All (The Odessa Staircase). Stormy Meetings Night Falls . Full Steam Ahead . The Squadron . For Freedom

Disc: 1
1. Psychological, 2. The Sodom and Gomorrah show, 3. I made my excuses and left
4. Minimal, 5. Numb, 6. God willing, 7. Luna Park, 8. I'm with Stupid
9. Casanova in hell, 10. Twentieth century, 11. Indefinite leave to remain, 12. Integral

Fundamental Special ed
Disc: 1
1. Psychological, 2. The Sodom and Gomorrah show, 3. I made my excuses and left
4. Minimal, 5. Numb, 6. God willing, 7. Luna Park, 8. I'm with Stupid
9. Casanova in hell, 10. Twentieth century, 11. Indefinite leave to remain, 12. Integral
Disc: 2
1. Fugitive (Richard X extended mix) ,2. Sodom (Trentmoller remix), 3. Psychological (Alter Ego remix),4. Flamboyant (Michael Mayer remix), 5. I'm with Stupid (Melnyk mix)
6. In private (Stuart Crichton club mix) 7. Minimal (Lobe remix), 8. Gomorrah (Dettinger remix)

Concrete: In Concert At The Mermaid Theatre For Bbc Radio 2 With The Bbc Concert
Disc One
1. Left To My Own Devices 2. Rent 3. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk 4. The Sodom And Gomorrah Show 5. Casanova In Hell-Sung By Rufus Wainwright 6. After All 7. Friendly Fire-Sung By Frances Barber 8. Integral
Disc Two 1. Numb 2. It's Alright 3. Luna Park 4 Nothing Has Been Proved 5. Jealousy-Sung By Robbie Williams 6. Dreaming Of The Queen 7. It's A Sin 8. Indefinite Leave To Remain 9. West End Girls

Disco 4
1. Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys 'Stars Are Blazing' Mix)
2. Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
3. Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate Mix)
4. Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)
5. Sorry (PSB Maxi-Mix)
6. Hooked On Radiation (Pet Shop Boy's Extended Mix)
7. Mein Teil (Pet Shop Boys 'There Are No Guitars On This' Mix)
8. I'm With Stupid (PSB Maxi-Mix)

Yes, etc Limited Edition
Disc: 1
1. Love etc. 2. All over the world 3. Beautiful people 4. Did you see me coming?
5. Vulnerable 6. More than a dream
7. Building a wall 8. King of Rome 9. Pandemonium
10. The way it used to be 11. Legacy
Disc: 2
1. This used to be the future 2. More than a dream (Magical dub)
3. Pandemonium (The stars and the sun dub) 4. The way it used to be (Left of love dub) 5. All over the world (This is a dub)
6. Vulnerable (Public eye dub) 7. Love etc. (Beautiful dub)

Pandemonium: Live at the O2 Arena, London, 21st December 2009 (CD+DVD) [CD+DVD]Disc: 1
1. More than a dream/Heart 2. Did you see me coming?
3. Pandemonium/Can you forgive her? 4. Love etc. 5. Go West
6. Two divided by zero 7. Why don't we live together?
8. New York City boy 9. Always on my mind
10. Closer to heaven/Left to my own devices
11. Do I have to? 12. King's Cross 13. Suburbia
14. Se a vida é/Discoteca/Domino dancing/Viva la vida
15. It's a sin 16. Being boring 17. West End girls
Pandemonium: Live at the O2 Arena, London, 21st December 2009


The most incredible thing
Disk 1
1. Prologue 2. The grind 3. The challenge 4. Help me 5. Risk 6. Physical jerks 7. The competition 8. The meeting 9. The clock 10. The clock 11. The clock 12. The clock 13. The winner 14. Destruction
Disk 2
1. Back to the grind 2. The miracle - Ceremony 3. The miracle - Revolution 4. The miracle - Resurrection 5. The miracle - Colour and light 6. The miracle - The meeting (reprise) 7. The wedding


The Ultimate Pet shop boys
1.West End Girls (10" Mix) 2.Love Comes Quickly 3.Paninaro (7" Mix) 4.It's a Sin1 (Disco Mix)
5.What Have I Done to Deserve This? 6.Always on My Mind (Extended Dance Version)
7.Domino Dancing 8.It's Alright (7" Version) 9.Being Boring 10.Go West 11.Before (Single Edit)
12.New York City Boy 13.Home and Dry (Radio Edit) 14.Minimal (Radio Edit) 15.Love etc. 16.King of Rome


Format: B-Sides & Bonus Tracks 1996-2009
Disc 1
The Truck-Driver And His Mate, Hit And Miss, In The Night 1995, Betrayed, How I Learned To Hate Rock-And-Roll, Discoteca (New Version), The Calm Before The Storm, Confidential (Demo For Tina Turner) [2012 - Remaster], The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On, Delusions Of Grandeur
The View From Your Balcony, Disco Potential, Silver Age, Screaming, The Ghost Of Myself, Casting A Shadow, Lies, Sexy Northerner
Disc 2
Always, Nightlife, Searching For The Face Of Jesus, Between Two Islands, Friendly Fire, We're The Pet Shop Boys, Transparent, I Didn't Get Where I Am Today, The Resurrectionist, Girls Don't Cry
In Private (7-Inch Mix), Blue On Blue, No Time For Tears (7-Inch Mix), Bright Young Things, Party Song, We're All Criminals Now, Gin And Jag, After The Event, The Former Enfant Terrible, Up And Down


Elysium CD
1. Leaving 2. Invisible 3. Winner 4. Your Early Stuff 5. A Face Like That
6. Breathing space 7. Ego Music 8. Hold On 9. Give It a Go 10. Memory of the Future 11. Everything Means Something 12. Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin

Electric CD
1. Axis 2. Bolshy 3. Love is a Bourgeois Construct 4. Fluorescent
5. Inside a Dream 6. The Last to 7. Shouting in the Evening 8. Thursday [feat. Example]
9. Vocal

1 Happiness ,2 The Pop Kids, 3 Twenty-something , 4 Groovy
5 The Dictator Decides ,6 Pazzo!, 7 Inner Sanctum, 8 Undertow ,9 Sad Robot World , 10 Say It to Me, 11 Burn , 12 Into Thin Air

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