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Publish Date - 1988
Author - Chris Heath
Publishers - World International
Welcome to The Pet Shop Boys Books Arcive ! if you fine that i have miseed any
Please do let me know so that i can add them onto here !
Publish Date - 1990
Author - Chris Heath
Publishers - Viking Books
Publish Date - Unknown
Author - Chris Heath
Publishers - Viking Books
Pet Shop Boys Special
Publish Date - 1988
Author - unknown
Publishers - Grand Dream
Publish Date - 1991
Author - Richard Cowton
Publishers - Sidgewick and Jackson Ltd

Pet Shop Boys vs America
Publish Date - 1993
Author - Chris Heath
Publishers - Penguin

Literally (fan club magazine)
Publish Date - Approximately every 4 months
Author - Chris Heath and the Pet Shop Boys
Publishers - Pet Shop Boys fan club

Pet Shop Boys Idolos Pop collection
Publish Date - 1996
Author - Jordi Biangiottio
Publishers - La Mascara
Behine the music
Smile If You Dare: Politics and Pointy Hats with the Pet Shop Boys
Paperback –
21 Jul 2016

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