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  Full Name - Markie Anthony Price “I'm 47 years of age, about 5'8" tall and fairly medium build. I have black hair and brown eyes”
Born : Uk
Town Birth Northamptonshire
Nick name tweetyuk
Date of Birth - 27th November 1969
Birthplace - Northampton General Hospital, England
Favourite Music - Pop , Classical,80s Pop
Favourite’s Musical Artists - Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Dusty Springfield, Vengaboys, Enya, Eurovision, Others, Not keen on Latest Music.
Favourite’s Drinks - White Wine, Coffee, Cappuccino,
Hobbies - Gardening, cooking, surfing the web, Design web sites,
Favourites Clothes - Jeans T-Shirt, Jogging Trousers.
Favourites Holiday Destination – Devon. UK, Wales
favourites Records Well I can say what as my record collection is Quit large and it varies from time to time.

My hobbies and interests
I spend some time playing on my Sony PlayStation's, and I like writing to pen-friends and email-friends. Also chatting to New Friends on Messenger / Facebook/ Twitter, i also love making web sites Like this one "Pet shop boys" The other Site are,,.
I like spend much of my time in garden and have built the garden up from nothing (well it was a jungle of grass when I moved in). The central feature now is a fish pond complete with a small waterfall and night-time illumination and plenty of fish. I also like working on and looking after my own car. I also love cooking. I do the cooking at home because I like experimenting with food. If anyone would like any cooking tips or help on cooking please drop me an email and I will try and help you - but please remember I'm not a master-chef!

My number one favourite group is the Pet Shop Boys. Surprise LOL ,I have now got all their UK release albums, 12" single, , CD's, limited edition and bootleg stuff.. I have also seen the PSB live on 2nd June 1989, at the NEC in Birmingham UK and also on the 13th December 1999, we was siting 4 rows from the front stage. It was brilliant! I am a member of the UK fan club. I have put together my own unofficial web site called Absolutely Pet Shop Boys. I spend a fair amount of my free time working on it and the Good News is that I have Now brought a Doman-name name called

My taste in music varies from day to day, depending on my mood. I like some relaxing music. When I have had a bad day at work this music helps me relax. I like most type of music, in particular Abba, the Rock Horror Picture Show, Village People, dance music etc but I do love the 80s music but most of all i love the funny ones and the one hits too. i put together a site called Absolutely mad music. That site had all my wired and wacky songs, such as the Muppet, Spitting Image, and so on. The sad news was the web site closed down due to copyrights. But I still have my own collection so maybe one day ill share them.
I'm also Into Eurovision, I have been into Eurovision since 1990, sine then I have loved the show some time can’t understand the scouring but I guess that Eurovision scoring, Its same that Terry Step down and now Graham Norton taken Over. Since Sir Terry Wogan Pass away his memories will stay with us all time. He did such a great show.

My favourite comedy video is Are You Being Served? you can see that we site i'v done click here I just love Mrs Slocombe (and her pussy) , and Mr Humphries. I love other comedy videos as well, such as Victoria Wood, Lily Savage, Julian Clary and Michael Barrymore. I have also started collecting comedy cassettes - some of my favourites are also Frankie Howard, Victoria Wood, Lily Savage, the Two Ronnies and Fawlty Towers. My favourite films (on video/DVD) are , The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Dessert and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Beautiful Thing is also a wonderful film, At the moment I'm getting into the X-files and science fiction films. I am very interested in UFO's and other unexplained phenomenon.

I use to work for the local branch of Woolworths (a well-known British chain of general superstores) you can have a look at . I have been working for them for over 8 years, and my main job function is shop assistant and looking after gardening and sometime Stationary. I have also been involved in Kids first Hereford; were we raising so much money for the Local children in Hereford. Now I’m working for Another Well know Home Store, Its ok the store ok but company hummm what can I say…….

I love Little Shop Horror I wouldn't mind seeing it when it come here, I love the Rocky horror show so much, i did attend to one of there shows in Northampton way back in the 80s, it was a night i will not forget, it was such a great night i even dressed up as Frank furter, the show was good and still is to this day. Films I love are mostly Space or Planet disasters, here is a list of file I love so fare to this day i.e. the core, I robots, Harry potter ALL , Day after tomorrow Volcano , Independents day , deep impact , Chain Reaction mission to mars , Battle Star Galactic Mini Services , Little Shop Horror Rocky Horror Picture Show , Battle star Galactic Original 1970s TV Show Battle star Galactic Season one , Battle star Galactic the Mini Series

The End
Well that's all about me! I hope I haven't bored you too much LOL ! If you share any of my interests I'd love to hear from you - my email address Markie AT Petshopboys DOT net.
I Would Like To Thank you for read my stories, and anyone else who know me too :) So a Big thank you for your Help and Support :) and I really do mean it.

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